Discount 20% Off – 24/7 online healthcare insurance at PJICO


In order to better meet the needs of your health insurance, PJICO is pleased to introduce a comprehensive 24/7 online insurance package new version at

The new 24/7 comprehensive health insurance package at PJICO gives you:

– With 6 premium to basic premiums with a variety of benefits, you have a wide choice of insurance options to suit your needs.
Discount up to 20% when you order online (or leave a message for PJICO on the website or fanpage).
Extending outpatient, dental and maternity benefits …
Unlimited outpatient visits.
– No co-payment required
– Insurance amount up to maximum 500,000,000 VND / year.
– Life insurance.
– A comprehensive list of inpatient hospitals.

Discount up to 20% when customers apply for comprehensive health insurance at

– Promotion area (scope): Vietnam
– Form of promotion: 20% discount on comprehensive health insurance 24/7 when ordering insurance online at
Promotion Services: New comprehensive 24/7 health insurance is available on website
Promotional clients (beneficiaries of the promotion):
– All customers register to order insurance online and pay on time, not over the promotional period.

– Apply the price on the website to all new and repeat customers with a loss history of less than 80% (confirmed by PJICO via email – phone).

Promotional clients (beneficiaries of the promotion):

Customers order insurance and payment online or transfer on the website: during the promotional period, specifically:

 – 20% discount on standard fees for all new PJICO participants;
 – 20% discount on standard fees for re-participating customers but no compensation has been paid in the previous insurance year;
– For rescheduling customers, compensation has been incurred the previous year, a 15% discount applies based on renewal fees this year, specifically:

– For rescheduling customers, compensation rates of 80% or less: Renewal fees do not increase
– For rescheduling customers, the compensation rate is over 80%: The renewal fee is increased by at least 40% (it may be considered not to increase the renewal fee if the customer chooses to buy at a higher level.
Note: Premiums are reduced by program fee and payment completion will not be canceled or refunded.

For more information about PJICO health insurance, please contact our online hotline 1900 54 54 55