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Quay lại

Insurance fees

Insurance fees (with VAT)

Insurance surcharge (with VAT)

Premium Accident (free VAT)

Discount amount

Total fee collected (with VAT)

Insurance fees

Insurance fees (with VAT)

Insurance surcharge (with VAT)

Premium Accident (free VAT)

Discount amount

Total fee collected (with VAT)

Tính phí ngay

1. Insurance coverage:

PJICO Car insurance offers a comprehensive coverage that cover vehicle damage caused by:

      – Fire, explosion.

      – Natural perils.

      – Total loss by theft.

      – Total loss by vehicle damage.


With exclusive extra services that PJICO pay for:

      – Extra charges to prevent incurred losses.

      – New vehicle replacement for total loss occurring within 12 months from the purchasing date of the new vehicle.

      – 24/7 support by Customer Service Center: 1900 545455 (press 2).

      – 24/7 road assistance service (provision of information; free towing service up to. 10% of sum insured in case of accident, vehicle breakdown, flat tire, gas running out, etc.).


2. Addional benefits:

Optional of choices:

Additional policy 004 – XCG

New replacement

To cover broken spare parts which is need to be replaced according to insurance coverage without depreciation.

Additional policy 005 – XCG

Garages of choice

To accept to pay and claim made to the garage customer’s choice (prefer in cooperated garages network and authorized garages).

Additional policy 006 – XCG

Hydraulic stroke

To cover cost of repairs and/or replace the damage to engine by hydraulic stroke.

Other policy

Deductible is not applied

Tính phí ngay

Claims procedure: 

Please following these steps as below when incidents occur:

Step 1: Notify to our hotline 1900 54 54 55 (24/7) to have assistance such as:

      – Record the time, location and cause of accidents.

      – To get instruction to prevent of loss and how to make a claim.

      – Notify to police or local government (if needed).

      – Describe about the accident and loss reservation.

Attention: This is a very important step that helps PJICO to identify vehicle’s condition.

Step 2: Take vehicles to garage (PJICO assigns or customer’s choice according to Additional policy 005).

Step 3: Provide necessary documents and follow PJICO’s direction:

      – Police report and claim made request by vehicle’s owner.

      – Documents of vehicle and vehicle’s controller:

            + Certificate Of Insurance.

            + Vehicle registration document.

            + Driver license.

            + Vehicle’s audit certificate.

            + Vehicle transfer, gift, letter of authorization (if any).

            + Document of agreement (if any). 

            + Verdict or conclusion of court (if any).

            + And other documents related to if needed.

Step 4: Coordinate with PJICO to collect these documents (in some necessary cases):

      – Accidents resolved documents of the departments concerned.

      – Documents relevant to third-party’s responsibility (if any).

      – Loss expert’s report that has been agreed.


Tính phí ngay


Special discount up to 30% to buy insurance via online channel  

      – Saving up to 15% – 30% of insurance premium when customers purchase online

      – Year of make extended to 2008

      – Chance to receive discount code from PJICO to buy other products

Promotion areas:  Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Via Online Channel only)

Attention: Countermanding and refunding are not available when customers choose promotion program

Information and insurance premium are quoted on our website (

Promotion applicable vehicles:


Year of manufacture

Purpose of use



2015 – 2017

Non-transportation business

30% premium discount

Business transportation

(including uber, grab)

20% premium discount 


2012 – 2014

Non-transportation business

25% premium discount  + license plate registration fees

Business transportation

Uber, grab

25% premium discount 


2008 – 2011

Non-transportation business

20% premium discount 

Business transportation

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us via 1900 54 54 55 (press 2), either our website



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