Summary of Unsolicited Promotions of PJICO Insurance


Incentives are not the first factor but are crucial when choosing insurance. Refer immediately to the PJICO Insurance Promotions can not be ignored!
As a leading non-life insurance company TOP 5 in Vietnam, PJICO always strive to bring the best benefits to our customers. In 2017, PJICO Insurance launched the largest and most attractive promotions ever.
1. Promotion up to 15%. 24/7 Health Insurance – PJICO Insurance

Today, as society develops, life is getting warmer and full, people are not only interested in eating and drinking but also are very concerned about their health. In addition to improving health, health insurance is a way for us to look after ourselves and our families.
Health insurance has advantages over health insurance because it can be applied in many different hospital facilities, high-class medical services, faster procedures.
For PJICO’s 24/7 health insurance, customers are entitled to up to 15% up to a maximum of up to 15% when registering through the website. Convenience – Quick – Expanding benefits are the basics PJICO offers you.
Details can be found HERE
2. Up to 30% up to PJICO Car Insurance – PJICO Insurance

PJICO Insurance continues to boom further with incentives for up to 30% of Car Insurance. To say, this is a rather risky step that few insurance companies dare to do. Your benefits have been put on top PJICO, so what’s the delay without consulting this very attractive promotion?
Especially in August – 9/2017, car owners when participating in the Insurance will receive a unique gift from PJICO: Voltano Voltano Volley Pump worth 1.2 million!
Preferences apply in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.
For car owners to join insurance online
Fees of 6,000,000 VND or more (excluding VAT)
For more information, please refer HERE
PJICO Insurance
Hotline: 1900 54 54 55 branch 2